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Transforming the agro and food-processing industries.

We are Honduran-based business group dedicated primarily to the production and commercialization of ingredients and end products for the human food, animal feed and pet food industries. Comprised of four companies, Group A y R has more than 12 years of experience in the agroindustry. 

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With over 12 years excelling in the production and export of fresh produce to international markets, Interbai Agroindustrial began its operations in Copán Valley, Honduras in 2006.

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We specialize in the production of premium natural ingredients made from dehydrated vegetables that pet food manufacturers can trust. Today, we are the largest exporter of dehydrated Sweet Potato to the US in Latin America. ​ 

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We are an agriculture company that specializes in the production of conventional and organic varieties of sweet potato. We annually grow more than 600 hectares with high yields.


At Portsam, we are mainly dedicated to the commercialization of high-quality flours and oils of animal byproduct origin, intended for the animal feed industry as high protein ingredients.

The success of our operations at Group AyR  relies on our work ethic and commitment to develop a sustainable value chain, prioritizing our clients' needs and anticipating industry trends.


To be the leading agroindustrial group in Honduras in the production, transformation and commercialization of certified highest-quality products of plant and animal origin, creating shared value in an innovative and sustainable manner.


  • Innovation

  • Excellence

  • Quality

  • Teamwork

  • Integrity


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Colonia San Miguel, frente a Molinos de Honduras, Comayagua, Honduras

(504) 2758-0380

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