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Transforming the agro and food-processing industries.

We are Honduran-based business group dedicated primarily to the production and commercialization of ingredients and end products for the human food, animal feed and pet food industries. Comprised of four companies, Group AyR has more than 12 years of experience in the agroindustry. 

Interbai Agroindustrial was the first company to be established in the Copan Valley, specializing in the production and export of fresh agricultural products to the European and Canadian markets. After relocating our operations to the Comayagua Valley, we were able to position ourselves as one of the largest sweet potato exporters in Honduras and as the Central American pioneers in the export of certified organic sweet potato varieties to international markets.

In order to diversify our product portfolio and enter new markets, our strategy focuses on transforming underutilized crops into value-added food products. Mely Foods was founded with the aim of manufacturing and commercializing ingredients and end products of vegetable origin for the animal feed and pet food industries, to become in recent years the largest exporter of sweet potato flour to the United States. Likewise, Interbai Agroindustrial undertakes all its efforts to produce and commercialize non-traditional flours made entirely from tuber roots and exotic fruits, thus satisfying the emerging needs of the health food sector.

The vertical integration of our business model guarantees the traceability, quality and freshness of the raw material used by Interbai Agroindustrial and Mely Foods. This is possible thanks to our agricultural company, Semig. Through Semig, we carefully select and grow our own seeds, delivering farm-fresh produce to our processing plants year-round. 

Our experience in the animal feed and pet food industries allows us to identify the needs of these exponentially-growing markets. Through our company Portsam, we commercialize high-quality, high-nutritional flour and oils derived from animal byproducts that serve as ingredients for end products.

The success of our operations at Group AyR relies on our work ethic and commitment to develop a sustainable value chain, prioritizing our clients’ needs and anticipating industry trends.

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